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I am a Melbourne-based costume designer with a passion for period costume and the theatrical. I trained as a maker and textile artist, so I have an in-depth understanding of garment construction and textile manipulation techniques.


My maker’s background has given me a real appreciation for the possibilities of costume, and it helps me to work closely with wardrobe artisans and technicians to turn the ideas into reality. I am a very hands-on designer.


I like to be present in the workroom because so many great design decisions come about organically from the collaboration between designer and craftspeople; we bring out the best in each other. I believe the magic is in the details and that projects of any size can be successfully managed with good organisation.



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Greenroom Award (Nomination) Musical Theatre

Costume Design for “Thoroughly Modern Millie” 2020


Greenroom Award (Nomination) Musical Theatre
Costume Design for “Hello Dolly!” 2018


G.A.T. Award

Costume Design for OLIVER! 2010

S.T.A.R. Award (Strip Tease Artist Recognition)
Costume Design (Awarded to Pretty Woman Fancy Dress) 2007/2008


Needles Eye Industries

Fashion Award 2005



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